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I'm Moran Sol Broza. Since the first time I was taught about climate change at age 7, I have carried a heartache that has driven & guided my purpose and my journey throughout my life.

For the past 13 years, I have intensely researched and tested how to create positive sustainable change, implementing it into every project I was involved in.

Today, I have a unique opportunity to speak my message loudly: I have just been invited to be the first Israeli Climate Ambassador at the CUNCR, and to take an active integral role at the UN Climate Change Summit, throughout its various activities.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is a chance to represent the voice of our generation and the values that we all believe in. Young people around the world have been represented by disconnected diplomats for too long - this is our time to speak up and have our voice heard.

With our burning global crisis, things are happening rapidly - and our voice needs to be heard as soon as possible.

My goal is to raise awareness of urgent actionable crises (#StandWithAmazonia where we can create impact. In order to do this, I am also planning to start my fundraising campaign at other CUNCR events and later in the USA.

I am turning to you to ask for your help to fly me to these events in order to expedite the process, beginning with my first goal: to reach the Pre-COP event in Milan, Italy on 30 September – 2 October 2021 and then COP 26 - the most important annual UN Climate Change Summit - held in Glasgow, Scotland, where I will be given the stage to speak to world leaders and powerful influencers on behalf of us all... and later in the USA.

I can do it with you on my side!

Be. is a global sustainable community platform connecting individuals, organizations and initiatives that desire to create unity & sustainability.

This is how Be. was created.

My commitment

I am 100% committed to transparency.

Pre-Event:          Online reports on funds collected

During Event:     FB Livestreams, etc.

Post-Event:         Online reports via social media, etc.

Fund Goal #1 is:   $3,000                  By:  29th of October, 2021   

Fund Goal #2 is:  $12,000                 By:  22th of November, 2021

Scotland, COP26 & COY16     $5000   
USA Fundraising Tour X2       $10,000       

Travel | Accomm. | Food | Collateral              

*Residual Funds: Technical enhancement:

Corporate Sponsor Packages for anyone  interested in supporting Be., contact me directly at: +972544318920 or

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Milestone GOALS


Milan, Italy



USA Fundraising Tour
COP26 & COY16
Glasgow, Scotland


Launch Be. Global Fund

I seek to represent our generation, and speak
on behalf of our collective voice on the global stage.

Moran Sol Broza - UN Climate Ambassador